Uni-Max Perfect burners are the most technologically advance burners available on the market. In particular, they are used in oil and gas boilers.

Depending on the power, burners may be used in large industrial buildings, city boiler stations, hotels, hospitals, municipal buildings or detached houses.

The device uses an innovative furnace auto-cleaning system, thanks to which the combustion products, such as ash and slag, are removed to an external container instead of being collected inside the boiler, which significantly extends the time of maintenance-free operation.

They are also equipped with a patented own air distribution system, which, by increasing temperature in the combustion chamber by additional 200°C, allows to burn all gases, which in turn provides low CO emission, similar to gas or oil combustion.

The burners combust granulate of various size: each type of pellet available on the market, i.e. good quality pellet, DIN, DIN+ pellets, as well as industrial quality pellet, agricultural pellet and fine, dry, loose biomass of fraction up to 20 mm.

Similarly to Uni-Max series, burners of the Perfect series provide a segment movable grate of stepped type and ceramic lining in the combustion chamber. The grate has a form of a drawer, which is ejected for the purpose of cleaning. This patented solution makes cleaning of the burner very simple and fast. Control of the furnace condition and maintenance do not require the use of any tools and can be carried out quickly. The burners are intended for fixed installation in the boiler’s body. Ceramic combustion chamber stabilises operating conditions, thanks to which the burners achieve high results in efficiency tests and low CO emission.

The burners may be installed in existing systems, in boilers of each type: coal, wood, oil, steam, technological processes. Uni-Max burners are available in a wide range of powers – from 25 kW to 1MW.

Eco palnik Uni Max Perfect


POWER [kW] 100 150 200 250 300 500


  • Longer boiler cleaning intervals, as only fire is directed into the boiler
  • Removal of combustion remains to an external container located in front of the boiler
  • Good combustion of lower quality (industrial) pellets and fine dry biomass.
  • Easy operation – does not require removal for cleaning and maintenance
  • Environment-friendly, low emission of exhaust gases, increased combustion quality due to ceramic combustion chamber
  • Power modulation – the burner combusts only as much fuel as needed to provide heat
  • Over 50% of savings compared to heating oil
  • Low electric power consumption – A+ energy class
  • Segment grate made of heat-resistant steel that guarantees high quality
  • Stepped movable grate efficiently removes slag from the furnace
  • The furnace is clean in the beginning and upon completion of operation of the burner
  • The ceramic combustion chamber increases and stabilises combustion temperature
  • A patented air distribution system provides quality and efficiency of combustion
  • Power modulation – the burner combusts only as much fuel as needed to provide heat to a building
  • Infinitely variable combustion power adjustment in the range from 25% to 100% of rated power
  • They are intended for fixed installations, and thus they do not require disassembly of the burner for cleaning and maintenance
  • Swiss drive of the movable grate with 5-year guarantee
  • Reliable and durable devices
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the burner in case of power interruption
  • High safety: innovative and reliable fire damper, which protects against return of a flame, as well as temperature sensors and protection against overheating of the boiler in case of power interruption
  • Warranty: 2 years


A complete burner with controls, CH and DHW sensors, wiring, “spiro” pipe used to connect the burner with the feeder, a standard length feeder:

  • 1.5 linear metre – for burners of power of up to and including 40 kW
  • 1.95 linear metre – for burners of power of up to and including 50-80 kW
  • 2 linear metres – for burners of power of up to 100 kW and more


  • wire or wireless room control
  • feeder extension – even up to 3 linear metres
  • fuel auto-refilling system – mechanical, screw or pneumatic,
  • plum graphical controller with option to control via Internet