The first maintenance-free and self-cleaning new generation pellet burner with steel furnace and moveable grate – for CO boilers and technological processes, intended for burning industrial or agricultural pellets.


VIP model uses innovative systems:

  • CCS – Complete Combustion System – including air distribution and gas afterburning system.
  • TCS – Total Cleaning System – the device regularly cleans itself during operation and completely after completion of a combustion cycle.
  • ERS – Easy Review System – an easy way to control the state of a grate without the use of tools – in VIP version, the mobile burner grate system is removed for inspection and cleaning without the need to open the boiler. The grate is located in a specially designed drawer – a solution protected by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.
  • ASS – Automatic Security System – a safety system in the fuel feeding route – an automatic fire flap that does not require adjustment – this is an innovative solution protected by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.


The main advantage of VIP series is improved burner cleaning method.

The burners are equipped in a mobile grate unit, which, by doing back and forth motions in programmable time intervals, allow to maintain constant combustion conditions throughout the entire operation period.

These solutions allowed us to create a maintenance-free device, capable of operating on its own for even several months, depending on the quality of used fuel.

The design of the burner, with a removable moveable grate unit in a form of a drawer, provides complete freedom when it comes to the place of installation – it may be mounted on both the boiler door and furnace body.

The burner allows to combust all types of loose and granular biomass, regardless of its quality, including industrial pellet and straw pellet.

For individual clients who want to modernise boilers, we have provided two colour versions – grey and orange.


VIP burner versions in W KW
POWER [kW] 15 20 30 40


  • A movable grate with auto-cleaning option
  • Combustion of wood pellets of any type
  • A burner made of the highest quality materials – heat-resistant, acid-resistant and stainless
  • Fully automatic: firing-up, combustion, extinguishing, standby
  • Modulation of the burner’s power allowing for economic use of pellet
  • Compact design and dimensions allowing for installation in the majority of oil and gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber
  • High efficiency – approx. 94%
  • Low electric power consumption – approximately 20W during operation
  • Ecology – low emission of exhaust gases at the level of gas and oil burners
  • Cooperation with a room thermostat used to control the room temperature and time of water heating
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the burner in case of power interruption
  • High safety: innovative and reliable fire damper, which protects against flame return, as well as temperature sensors and protection against overheating of the boiler in case of power interruption
  • Warranty: 2 years